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Mikael Granlund Scores First NHL Goal

Minnesota Wild rookie phenom Mikael Granlund scores his first NHL goal.

Witness the savior, the great hope, the man, the myth, the legend, Mikael Granlund score his first NHL goal. It's not quite as flashy as those he scored to put him on a postage stamp, but it still counts, and it is one he will remember for a long, long time.

Watch it Wild fans. Then, you know, watch it again. And then, maybe watch it one more time for good measure. It is likely just the first of many. You waited a long three years to see him, and he looks to be the real deal. It should be fun watching him score 30 to 40 of these a year for the next, oh 20 years or so, eh?

The Calder trophy is a long way from being presented, and Granlund still has some work to do, but let's just remember kids. You can't spell Calder with out... um... Granlund.