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Wilderness Walk for 1-21-2013: Non-Game Day Edition

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Some rocks. With a boat.
Some rocks. With a boat.
Cameron Spencer

I'm out of breath. Sucking wind. I didn't even skate. Woof.

Two games, two night, two wins. That's the new Minnesota Wild hockey. Or, at least we can hope. Some exciting stuff going on with this team right now. I still have this nagging feeling of apathy in the back of my head, but it is quickly fading. If this team can play like this consistently, I may just buy in again. Maybe.

As for all of you, a quick thank you. During the lockout, we had our doubts that you would come back. The players and owners were fighting, and we had no idea what the result would be for our site. Without a doubt, you all came back. Not only the same people, but new folks, to the tune of major increases in the community.

Yesterday, we set a new all time, single day traffic record for the site. This is mainly due to some kid name Mikael Granlund scoring his first goal, and the entire nation of Finland checking it out, but it was also our regulars. Thank you for being a part of this. It really does mean the world to me, and the rest of the staff.

Wild News

All-around effort by the Wild helps it improve to 2-0 | - #Winning

Stitches are early status quo for Wild's Konopka | - This guy is great.

Scoggins: Wild owner savors early return on huge investment | - Ya think?

Harding is rock-solid in 'tryout’ as Wild shuts out Dallas | - Even better.

Wild defenseman Ryan Suter on opener: 'I've got to be better' - - Easy killer.

Josh Harding making season debut tonight as the Wild faces Jaromir Jagr and the Stars | - Indeed.

Harding Set To Start | - Yep.

Wild About Design: A Snowy Night Alternate - Some cool stuff. We may have some news related to this, too. Stay tuned.

First Round Bust: Game One: The Hangover - Part one or part two? Because the second one sucked.

Tending the Fields

The Third Intermission: Aeros start road trip with 3-1 loss at Chicago; Kampfer is minus two again. - This is a day old, but still. Good to know.

Laxidasical Meanderings

Knighthawks, Stealth Players Connect, Give Sticks to Hundreds of Native Youths | IL Indoor - Pretty cool thing for two NLL teams to do. By the way, Swarm return with two games this week. Stay tuned.

Off the Trail

Non-existent girlfriend of Manti Te’o caught on Jumbotron at Dallas Stars home opener (PHOTO) | Puck Daddy - Yahoo! Sports - Well played, Dallas.

Cory Schneider flops in debut as Canucks starter, while Roberto Luongo has ‘fun moment’ | Puck Daddy - Yahoo! Sports - A Canuck? Flop? Never.

Lame opening faceoff fight is lame | Backhand Shelf | Blogs | - Agreed.