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Wilderness Walk for 1-22-2013: Game Day Edition

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Dan Istitene

Seems like we were just here a couple days ago. Oh. Wait. We were.

Game night, yet again. The Wild take on the Nashville Predators tonight, and you will notice a tilt in the news cycle toward one specific player. Turns out Nashville fans are not big on Ryan Suter leaving Nashville. I want to make a joke here, but I can't, because I really like Nashville fans. They're good people, who lost a star to free agency. It sucks, and Wild fans know it.

Anyone who says otherwise is just rude.

Enjoy your time wasters, and we'll see you back here in a bit.

Wild News

Wild's Suter changes on the fly | - Likely the only good read about Ryan Suter on the day.

Scoggins: Many fans find call of the Wild too hard to resist | - You know you want in.

Wild-Nashville game preview | - Lovely bunch of coconuts.

Josh Harding inspires Minnesota Wild with shutout in first game after multiple sclerosis diagnosis | Puck Daddy - Yahoo! Sports - Did you guys know Harding has MS? I wonder if he will defined by this all year...

Parise’s first Minnesota Wild goal | Backhand Shelf | Blogs | - It is rather nice.

Strong start to Wild season | - Russo discusses things.

Shooter Now: Will Minnesota Wild, Niklas Backstrom part after 2013 season? - - No.

First Round Bust: Game Two: The Hangover - Some nice, quick read stuff.

Enemy News

Suter Sticks by His Decision to Leave Nashville - Fans there? Not happy.

On the Forecheck - Nashville site on SB Nation

Tending the Fields

Orlando Solar Bears prevail in shootout to grab 2-1 win over Wheeling - - Win!

Laxidasical Meanderings

National Lacrosse League Power Rankings: Week 3 | IL Indoor - Who is at the top? (Hint: not the Swarm. Yet.)

NLL 3 Stars: Week 3 | IL Indoor - Nice list.

Off the Trail

Blackhawks Add Some Goaltending Depth - Second City Hockey - Dammit, just play Crawford.

Blue Jackets wear ‘Thank You Fans’ jerseys to soothe NHL lockout anger (PHOTO) | Puck Daddy - Yahoo! Sports - This was really lame, until we realized it is from the same team that hired Todd Richards.

Hoisting the Stanley Cup over your head before the first game of a new season is just terrible | Backhand Shelf | Blogs | - Terrible. Make it stop.

Fabian Brunner's Shootout move is... sick. - No. Really.