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Mathew Dumba has the Greatest Number Ever

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In what is either the greatest prank, joke, or coincidence in the history of hockey numbers, the Wild's Mathew Dumba is looking like a dumbass.

He's still smiling. That's good.
He's still smiling. That's good.
Jamie Sabau

When a kid gets drafted by a professional hockey team, it is likely one of the greatest moments in that kid's life. All of the blood, sweat, and tears that they have poured into the game to that point is rewarded with a promise to further develop their game and hopefully make their way to the NHL. Along the way, they make a number of stops, from their CHL team to the AHL, and if they are lucky, an invitation to training camp or a small cup of coffee with the big club.

Mathew Dumba is currently living that portion of his dream, having stayed with the big club through three games, though he is yet to skate in a game.

Before the season started, the Wild invited fans into the X for a scrimmage, in which Dumba played for both teams. In bother color sweaters, Dumba was revealed to the waiting throngs wearing what could be either the greatest prank in equipment manager history, one of the best jokes a player has ever pulled, or the worst coincidence ever.

You see, Dumba is sporting Nick Schultz's old number. 55. Nothing special to see, right? It's not like Schultz was going to have his number retired, so the 55 sweater is going to be given to someone. Why not the newest prospect to garner the attention of Wild fans.

Except that when you put the 55 at the end of Dumba's name, you get Dumba55.

If that isn't awesome enough, it took a few days for his Wild teammates to notice. Witness Zenon Konopka's tweet from yesterday:

Awesome. Also, note that Konopka thinks Dumba has the chops to be a player of Ottawa's Erik Karlsson's caliber. High praise for a guy with Dumbass on his back every night.

Happens to the best of us, I suppose.