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Who Do You Want? Brodin Or Dumba?

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Pop quiz, hot shot.

Photo never gets old
Photo never gets old
Bruce Bennett

Per Russo, it seems Jonas Brodin is in for the game against Detroit with Jared Spurgeon out with an injury. But Matt Dumba still remains with the Wild and not back in the WHL with Red Deer.

But it raises an interesting question. If you had a choice between the two, who would you rather see play against Detroit: Jonas Brodin or Matt Dumba?

Jonas Brodin

? / Defenseman / Minnesota Wild



Jul 12, 1993

The next coming of Niklas Lidstrom.

Brodin is a beautiful skater and relies on it to go out of trouble or to start the rush. When he plays in Detroit, the first thing you will notice is how effortlessly he moves around the ice.

He is extremely calm and poised with everything he does. He isn't exactly big, but he is a reliable presence.

Paired with Clayton Stoner (who in my opinion is an excellent #5 defenseman), the pair hopefully will compliment each other very well. Both great defensively but one is more physical while the other one is more skilled.

With Spurgeon out, Brodin can come in and provide a reliable, mobile presence.

Mathew Dumba

#55 / Defenseman / Minnesota Wild



Jul 25, 1994

Dumba is a unique type of defenseman.

A rare blend of elite hitting and elite offensive skills. He is very built and a very energetic player. Has a good shot and good skating ability. He has good vision and playmaking skills.

He pretty much has it all in terms of offensive package.

Strangely enough, he is actually quite good defensively because of good anticipation skills and skating ability.

In my opinion, the Wild's powerplay and blueline lacks some offensively punch. Spurgeon is a decent puckmover but is still far from being a powerplay quaterback (plus he's injured) and Suter, while good, is the only decent enough to be out there on the PP.

So Who Would You Take?

If you had a choice, who would you rather see play in the Wild sweater? Both are highly regarded first round picks, both are the future of the Wild defense, both can provide some offense the Wild needs badly, and both are rookies.