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Three Questions with Winging it in Motown

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We sit down with JJ from Winging it in Motown to discuss the Red Wings' blueline, goalies, and old age.

Thanks for all the money, sir.
Thanks for all the money, sir.
Rick Osentoski-US PRESSWIRE

We're going to try something new here, today. A few of the other SB Nation sites are on the bandwagon, so we thought we would jump on board, too. We will be asking the opposing team's site to answer three questions, and in return, answering three from them.

Don't worry, we'll keep it classy. Or, you know, we won't and you'll like it anyway.

Here are the answers we received from JJ from Kansas, manager over at Winging it in Motown.

1. The Wild are going to let Swedish elite prospect Jonas Brodin make his NHL debut on the ice that Lidstrom built. Which raises the question - what the hell is going on with your blue line, and will ken Holland give Chuck Fletcher two first round picks for Justin Falk, yet?

The blue line is a corps in transition. Obviously they're going to get worse without the best defenseman of his generation on the ice anymore, but they're also going to have to get used to each other. After missing out on getting a true top defensemen, Holland had to go with the hand that he built and cobble together a lineup of second-pairing guys. Honestly, the length of this season may be the perfect amount of time for veterans to get used to their new roles, new arrivals to adjust to the team, and young guys to step up. It could also be enough time for those growing pains to end the Wings' string of playoff appearances. Regardless, Holland isn't going to do something aggressively dumb in the meantime.

2. While the Wings are still a team to be watched in the West, the team's core is aging. barring cryogenic preservation and cloning of Datsyuk and Zetterberg, what does the future of this team look like?

The last time the Red Wings' core aged beyond dominance, the new core seamlessly grew into those roles and the machine kept rolling. This time? There are a lot of good prospects in the Wings' system, but the ability of the team to simply "reload" without having to endure a traditional rebuild is going to come under serious question. Datsyuk and Zetterberg stepped straight the roster without ever having set foot in the AHL because of a number of factors the Wings don't have going for them anymore. Overripe prospects are going to have to blossom and management is going to have to take some gambles. Honestly right now the 3-year plan is to figure out whether they have to go with a 5-year plan.

3. Are the Wings ever going to pay for a real goalie?

If they can keep tricking above-average goalies into setting an unfairly-low pay standard for what they do, why should they? Antti Niemi won a freaking cup as a starter and the Red Wings aren't allowed to just go out and buy a hall-of-famer anymore like they did with Hasek. People who think Jimmy Howard is the reason the Wings haven't been able to get past he 2nd round in three years are the same kind of people who believe in chem-trails and that $3.25M is a good cap hit for Paul Gaustad.

Thank you to JJ for participating in this little game. Please check out their story stream today, where you will find our answers to his three questions.