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Minnesota Swarm vs Washington Stealth Game Thread

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The Minnesota Swarm take on the Washington Stealth in the Swarm's home opener.


Minnesota Swarm (0-2) vs Washington Stealth (3-1)

Xcel Energy Center @ 7:00 PM CST
TV: & YouTube
Radio: None in the Twin Cities

The Swarm have dropped their first two without Captain Andrew Suitor, but tonight, their captain returns as they take home field for the first time. Two losses, both in heart breaking fashion, have got to have this team hungry for a win. The players are doing everything they should, but they just haven't been able to hold on for the full 60 minutes.

It should be an interesting night in St. Paul, with the Swarm home opener looking packed (according to available tickets), Red Bull Crashed Ice at the Cathedral, and the Winter Carnival fired up. If you're coming down, get there early, get yourself a place to park, and have a bite to eat at one of the fine dining establishments on West 7th.

Then, head for the Hive, and make some noise.

Minnesota Swarm "Lines"

Offense - Ryan Benesch, Callum Crawford, Shayne Jackson, Corbyn Tao, Jay Card and Joel Henry

Defense - Jeff Gilbert (A), Andrew Suitor (C), Andrew Watt, Brock Sorensen, Kiel Matisz, Tyler Hass

*note - Five players on the field at any given time, just like in hockey. These six players make up the core of each side of the ball, and will rotate in and out during the game.

Goaltending - Evan Kirk & Tyler Carlson

Five Questions

1. Will the return of Suitor fire this team up?
2. Is The Hive enough to get a win?
3. Do the rookies continue to shine?
4. Who is the hero tonight?
5. Will my kids behave themselves in the crowd?

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