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Wilderness Walk- 01-30-2013: Game Day Edition

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Tony Wiseau prepares you for Game Day by linking you up to the most drop-dead-sexy Wild-related articles and such-and-such from the recent past.

Don't laugh too hard. The Wild's win looked about this ugly.
Don't laugh too hard. The Wild's win looked about this ugly.
Hannah Foslien

So, Wild fans, you gave it your all last night, right? You laughed at Todd Richards and Colton Gilles, you cried at the myriad of third period penalties, you hurled many words and phrases not suitable for polite company when it looked like the Wild were going to blow yet another game, and you threw on your Bouchard jersey and ran a lap around your apartment when he scored the game winning goal (or was that one just me?).

Anyway, you did good. Thinking about resting on your fandom's laurels by sleeping in or engaging in work stuff?

Of course not. Because it's Game Day all over again. This is a game against the undefeated Blackhawks. It's the biggest game of the year! You've got to aspire to reach the peak of your fandom. And you can start by consuming all of the information about your favorite squad as possible, preferably until your eyes and ears bleed.

So, please enjoy the Wilderness Walk for today. Fan Up and Go Wild!

Wild News

Bouchard's milestone goal earns Wild a win | Last night's gamer, brought to you by Rachel Blount.

Suter receives opponent's praise and new partner | Russo's Notebook.

Ten random thoughts on the Wild after Bouchard's goal lifts Minnesota to victory | I call shenanigans, Russo! These thoughts are not random, they're all about last night's game!

Minnesota Wild: Pierre Marc-Bouchard's goal ends 3-game losing streak - Good to see Butch get his moment. Way too few for him lately. It goes without saying that we hope he gets to stay healthy this year.

Minnesota Wild: Cal Clutterbuck getting hits, shots ... now he needs goals - Doesn't "Now he needs goals" apply to, like, everyone not on Line 1, save maybe Bouchard and Gilbert?

Pierre-Marc Bouchard delivers in the 3rd to give the Wild 3-2 win over Columbus- Detailed recap and analysis from State of Hockey News. Always a good read.

Minnesota Wild Must Not Panic, Yet- I am not panicking, but that is an ominous comma placement. On a related note, I've never felt worse about my favorite team being in first place. Not even when the Corsi Illuminati injured all the Wild players last year. I hate this gorram shortened season.

Tending the Fields

First Round Bust: Wild Prospect Update: Jason Zucker Scores, Nick Seeler Gets A Headbutting Major & More- How Zucker was briefly on top of the AHL world, as well as Gustafsson, Nanne, and Haula updates.

Rielly tops among drafted WHL defensemen - Hockey's Future- In case you forgot, Dumba is among those top drafted WHL defensemen. So you should read it. Unless you're a total #Dumba55.

Jason Zucker Shines in 2013 AHL All Star Game, Minnesota Bound? - Gone Puck Wild - A Minnesota Wild Fan Site - News, Blogs, Opinion and More- I hope so. Or Coyle. The second line needs someone to throw the gorram puck at the gorram net in the worst way.

Off The Trail

Up, up and away - Vancouver Canucks - Features- This is a fantastic story. The hockey community is absolutely knocking it out of the park concerning relations with the LGBT community, and this story about two Corys is a great example of how. You Can Play, guys. You can play.

30 Thoughts: P.K. Subban eyes bigger payday | Hockey | CBC Sports- Here are Elliotte Friedman's 30 thoughts, including those on topics such as P.K. Suban, Chad "Not Ochocinco" Johnson, and Not-Not-Nick-Schultz and his terrible Oilers.

NHL Awards Watch: Patrick Marleau has Hart; Anderson, Crawford for Vezina | Puck Daddy - Yahoo! Sports- Never too early to talk about awards, right?!

NHL - Rookie Power Rankings - Justin Schultz leads early Calder Trophy race - ESPN- No really! 6 games isn't too early! It's ESPN Insider, so if you're not a subscriber, you won't be able to read this article. But I'm a benevolent being, so I'll give away what you care about: The Postage Stamp dropped from 3rd to 6th, my current pick Tarasenko is inexplicably at #3, and the two rookies from the terrible Oilers are 1st and 8th.

NHL rookie class of 2013: Who will take home the Calder Trophy? | Puck Daddy - Yahoo! Sports- At this point, I might be close to willing to concede that 6 games is too early for awards talk. This one's free, so I won't spoil anything. Except the fact that I like this list more.

Enemy News

For a comprehensive briefing of the undefeated (for now) Chicago Blackhawks, please visit our friends (NOTE FOR EDITORS: We do like them, right?) at Second City Hockey. They've even got an interview with Jeremy Roenick, who I do an incredible impression of.

If you'd like to be traitorous and get your info from other sites, there's also the Sun Times, as well as the Chicago Tribune. As far as I could tell, though, there are no interviews with Jeremy Roenick, which makes them decidedly less awesome.

The A/V Club

This is a new feature where I try to collect the best A/V stuffs from around the internets. Feel free to check out my (admittedly mainstream) recommendations. Or don't. You're probably busier than I am. It's OK. I won't get offended.

Hitting The Post: TDI 012713- Hitting the Post is a Wild Podcast that was recently started by @nickinnewyork, author of course of the Wild blog that bears the same name. He chats with a local musician Jared Mason from Castle Danger Band to talk about (primarily) the Detroit game, the Wild's defensemen, and the second-line woes. It's a good time, and if you don't know about the podcast, check this one out.

1/29 HR2- Yeo/Russo/Reid - KFAN Sports Radio FM 100.3 - The Fan- KFAN morning host Paul Allen and Brandon Mileski had an all-star cast of guests yesterday. If you want for more, that show also had Wes Walz, Kevin Falness, and Anthony LaPanta. But Yeo and Russo make this hour the one you'll need to hear.

1/26 PONDcast Interview with Brent Flahr- This was from earlier in the week, but Brent Flahr spent 10 minutes on the radio broadcast talking prospects. It's a good, brief listen.

Marek Vs. Wyshynski Radio: Help for Sidney Crosby; why Blackhawks, Sharks rule; Tracey Myers of CSN Chicago | Puck Daddy - Yahoo! Sports This was Mondays episode of MvsW, and there was one Tuesday. However, I liked this one more, and it concerns Calder talk (RE: Granlund), potential Crosby wingers (a topic of interest to the Wild right about now, with the Seto rumors), and Blackhawk talk, which is pretty timely, no?

Convoluted Way to Access Becoming Wild Season 2, Episode 4 With Niklas Backstrom- In case you missed the Becoming Wild episode from last night, click on this paragraph's link to access an interview with PMB. Under the video, where it says "Archive", you'll be able to find the link to last night's episode. I feel ridiculous linking in this manner, but it's the best I can do.