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Just how much do the Houston Aeros love their penalties?

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Live from 10,000 ft in the air, I bring you a post about penalties.

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At the beginning of the season, the Aeros had a serious penalty problem. They were taking penalties left and right, and there was a parade to the sin bin every night. Things have cooled off a bit thankfully, but keeping track of the penalties has been very interesting for me. After promising about a million times that I would write this article, it’s finally here. If anyone wants more a more in-depth look at a specific player, I will be happy to oblige. I may end up making this a bit of a feature, with updates every few weeks. I also will be doing an update to reflect how many PIM a player is averaging based on how many games they’ve played. This list is based off of how many games the Aeros have played.

It should come as no surprise to anyone that our captain is racking in the penalty minutes like they are going out of style. In just 32 games, Drew Bagnall has accumulated 73 PIM, an average of 2.28 a game. The majority of these penalties are roughing penalties, where he has 14 PIM (7 penalties), and fighting penalties. He’s been in 5 penalized fights this year (including a game misconduct), which makes for 35 PIM relating to fighting alone.

Next up is Nick Palmieri, who is second on the team with 33 PIM (1.03 PIM per game). Surprisingly, Palmieri has only been in one fight this season. His penalty of choice is roughing (8 PIM), followed closely by tripping (6 PIM).

As far as our stars go, Mikael Granlund has been picking up steam since coming back from his injury. Prior to that, he only had one penalty but since December 20th, he’s managed to pull in two more. Jason Zucker has been pulling penalties left and right, and has amassed 23 PIMS (72 PIM a game). 5 of those he gained during his first fight last week, and frankly the kid did a pretty good job. Charlie Coyle is sitting at 16 PIMs (.5 a game), which is somewhat high, but I think a few of those penalties were due to his size and not because they were actually penalties.

There are a few surprises when it comes to Aero penalties this season however. The ever chirpy Matt Hackett has picked up 8 PIMs, and honestly he could have picked up a lot more if the refs paid more attention to him. He is a troublemaker, that one. The Aeros have also managed to pick up quite a few bench minors (4 total), all for too many men on the ice.As a team, the Aeros are averaging 11.19 PIM a game. What do you make of that Wilderness?

That wraps up this edition of Aeros PIMs, brought to you by the most sunshine-y writer here, and airplane wireless internet. Stay tuned for your next edition.