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Tyler Graovac Traded to Belleville Bulls

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Terry Wilson/OHL Images

While it isn't exactly Minnesota Wild news, it is news. The 191th overall pick by the Wild during the 2011 NHL Entry Draft was traded to the Belleville Bulls for Sergey Kuptsov, 2 draft choices and a conditional draft pick.

The full press release can be found here: 67's Trade Graovac To Bulls, Add Kuptsov

A pretty fine price for a prospect that very few just didn't care about, shame on you!

The OHL deadline is on the 10th, and seeing how Ottawa isn't a contending team this year, they needed to reload for their rebuilding phase. With Graovac most likely heading to Houston next season, the 67's needed the return.

If you haven't read the Wild Prospect Handbook yet, our feature was on Tyler so take a read if you want to find out more about him:

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