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The NHL Lockout Is Over!

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Baby come back!
Baby come back!
Hannah Foslien

Way to wake up on a Sunday morning! Now, some of you might still be groggy and think this might be a dream. Some of you might be thinking it one of those previous knee-jerk false alarms. I bullshit you not, look! Looks like we will finally see Zach Parise, Ryan Suter, and Mikael Granlund all done the Wild jersey in the 2012-13 (well, not really 2012 anymore) season!

CBA Details

More updates will be added as we get them!

Per Chris Johnston, The Canadian Press (link)

— The CBA will run for 10 years through 2021-22, with an option to terminate the deal after eight years.

— Players receive defined benefit pension plan.

— Owners and players split revenue 50-50 each season, with the players receiving US$300 million in deferred "make-whole payments" to ease the transition from previous system.

— A pro-rated salary cap of $70.2-million for the shortened 2012-13 season followed by a salary cap of $64.3-million in 2013-14. The salary floor will be set at $44 million for both years.

Seven-year limit on free-agent contracts (eight-year limit when a team signs its own player to an extension).

— A maximum salary variance of 35 per cent from year to year, with no more than a 50 per cent total difference between any two seasons in the contract.

— Teams can only walk away from a player in salary arbitration who is awarded at least $3.5 million.

— Each team will be given the option of two "amnesty buyouts" that can be used to terminate contracts prior to the 2013-14 season or 2014-15 season. The buyouts will cost two-thirds of the remaining amount on a deal — paid evenly over twice its remaining length — and will count against the players' overall share in revenues, but not the individual team's salary cap.

Revenue sharing between teams increased to $200 million annually.

— Unrestricted free agency continues to open on July 1.

— The participation of NHLers in future Olympics has yet to be determined. The decision will be made outside of the CBA.

— The minimum salary starts at $525,000 and reaches $750,000 for the 9th and 10th years of the new CBA.

Per Darren Dreger

Draft lottery will change. All 14 teams fully eligible for 1st pick overall. Weighting system may remain, but 4-move restriction out

Wild Salary Cap Issues

The Wild's current cap payroll is $68,848,867 (this is for the 2012-13 season), meaning the Wild will have to get rid off $4,548,867 of cap to get under the upper limit.

The current expiring contracts for the 2012-13 season are:

Name Pos Age Salary
Niklas Backstrom
34 UFA $6,000,000
Pierre-Marc Bouchard LW 28 UFA $4,080,000
Matt Cullen
C 36 UFA $3,500,000
Cal Clutterbuck
25 RFA $1,400,000
Marco Scandella
22 RFA $845,833
Justin Falk
24 RFA $825,000
Jared Spurgeon
23 RFA $526,667

With Josh Harding re-signed (although his unfortunate MS diagnosis might cause problems) and the Wild filled with solid young talented in its pipelines, Niklas Backstrom is the logical player to let go.

Pierre-Marc Bouchard might also be let go. As much as I like him, he hasn't played much because of injuries and sometimes you just have to cut your losses.

Matt Cullen has been a great veteran player to have, but already the age of 36 and not playing up to his second-line center expectations, that extra $3.5 million cap space could be useful.

Those three plays combined is a total of $13,580,000, which essentially gives us a total cap payroll of $55,268,867. Don't forget we have to factor in possible 2013 free agent additions or re-signings. But for now, it seems the Wild will be able to survive, barely.

Statement From Minnesota Wild

"We are very excited about today's news that a tentative agreement is in place," said Matt Majka, Minnesota Wild Chief Operating Officer. "Like our fans, we look forward to the final approval of the new Collective Bargaining Agreement and seeing our team back on the ice. Further information will be provided as soon as we receive it from the NHL."