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Aeros GDT- LOCKOUT OVER edition

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Who's here? Who's playing? Who's going? Who's staying?

Harry How

This will be short and sweet folks. The Aeros take on the baby Stars tonight at 5pm. It will be interesting to see what the lines ups look like tonight with Wild training camp on the horizon. No word on who will not be playing, but it’s a safe bet that Granlund won’t be in Austin tonight. He seems to be the only for sure member of the Aeros heading up to Minnesota. Zucker, Coyle and Larsson have decent shots of joining him for camp, with one of them potentially joining the Wild out of camp. As far as defense goes, it’s safe to assume that Kampfer, Cuma and Genoway will head up to Minnesota after tonights game. With Scandella injuried there is at least one spot open, and with a decent camp two of those guys could be starting the season with the Wild.

Updates will be posted as they come in, check twitter first as they will be posted there first.