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Noon Number for 10-1-2013: 22

2 more days!

Hannah Foslien

The wait is almost over, Wilderness.

In just 2 days from now, the Wild will be opening up their season at home against the LA Kings.

With roster cuts and everything else said and done now, the Wild are eager to pounce all over the opposition (yes, I know I use that one a lot).

In terms of their roster, everything appears to be all set for opening night as I said before.

Doing these roster cuts probably has been the toughest thing the management has had to deal with thus far, as there was a lot of talent from our current and new young guns.

Many of us Wild fans burst out in anger when the news broke of Zucker not making the initial roster. Give him some time! I know he had a pretty good first season last year for Minnesota, but maybe he needs a little more time down in Iowa now before coming back up here again.

Courtesy of Russo, here is the anticipated 22-man lineup for Thursday night's opener. Just click here to see it.

Personally, I'm liking the looks of this lineup for Thursday. Let me know what you think about it Wilderness.

Finally, on an unrelated note, hybrid icing is now official for the NHL (just in case you guys missed this bit of news yesterday).