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Noon Number for 10-10-2013: .849

Mike Strasinger-USA TODAY Sports

Hello again, Wilderness!

After filling in for Ger for yesterday's number, I'm back once again on one of my regular days.

You all should know what today's number I chose represents, and that is Backstrom's save percentage thus far.

That is, until he unfortunately got injured 2 nights ago thanks to Nystrom pushing him down.

Up until that unneeded injury, his performance has been mediocre so far.

He has let too many goals get by him, and that's one of the many reasons why we haven't been able to win any of our games so far.

As of right now, Backstrom is day-to-day with a knee strain so hopefully it isn't anything too serious.

Regardless, I wouldn't mind seeing Harding in it for awhile after how he played in lieu of him.

Despite the fact that he gave the Predators another goal off that penalty shot 2 nights ago, he played a pretty decent game.

Goaltending is one of the many keys to winning a game, and if Harding can keep it under control for us tonight, we should be able to finally get the W.

That being said, all of us here at Hockey Wilderness are wishing Backstrom a quick recovery.

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