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3 questions with Arctic Ice Hockey

Tim from Arctic Ice Hockey gives us some sassy answers to our 3 questions

Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sport

As we start our game day coverage, we had a little chat with out "friends" over at Arctic Ice Hockey. The Minnesota/Jets "Rivalry" is shaping up nicely (Giles wrote a great post yesterday on team of 18,001 on how to not let Jets fans take over the arena since most of you are quite during games unless you're yelling shoooooooot during the power play), and Tim from Arctic Ice Hockey decided to throw some gasoline on the flames of it.

Are you going to let him get away with it Wilderness?

1.) How excited are Jet's fans to be THE BIGGEST RIVALS with the Wild?
Honestly, I'm not all that excited. The Jets are leaving a division that was home to name players like Steven Stamkos and Alex Ovechkin. It was fun to boo them because people knew who they were. All of the notable players on the Wild players made their names elsewhere. It will be nice to have a closer geographic rival, but it would be even better if the team was somewhat relevant.

2.) But seriously, why does it seem like all Jets fans are really stupid?

This is an easy one! The isn't that Jets fans are stupid - the issue is that Wild fans are all still suffering through brain damage as a result of the reverberations cause by Zach Bogosian smashing Pierre Marc Bouchard's head. You guys lost your shit and you still ain't got it back.

3.) What positive steps are the Jets making this season?

Yet to be seen! I don't know if this year's team is actually any better than last year's squad, but the young kids do bring hope for the future. Jacob Trouba looks like he will be a stud and Mark Scheifele has upside. Lots of what the Jets will become himges on these two.

Why isn't Pavalec in the AHL?

Umm... Because a team doesn't bench their MVP. Seriously, he has been given the not for team MVP twice in two years. Not sure how being bad didn't get in the way of that, but he is our #MVPavelec.