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Minnesota Wild @ Buffalo Sabres: Period 3 thread

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Wild up 2-1

Rick Stewart

FIVE Questions

1.) Minnesota has dominated all but one game thus far and the game in which they didn't was the game on the road in Nashville. Can the Wild parle their dominating efforts at home on to enemy ice?

2.) The defensemen have been playing lights out in the 2 wins for the season for the Wild. Can Marco Scandella catch up and play on par for what his teammates are doing around him?

3.)The West has owned the East so far this season. Does the trend continue for the Wild tonight?

4.) Every Minnesota fan is looking at the possibility of Vanek signing with Minnesota in free agency. Does the Wild do enough to "WOW" him to get him to consider it?

5.) Can Pominville notch a couple points in his first return to Buffalo since the trade?