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Noon Number for 10-15-2013: 22

Harding has been on a roll.

Save by Harding!
Save by Harding!
Rick Stewart

Hello, Wilderness!

The wins are now rolling in for your Wild, as they win a close one to Pominville's former team, the Sabres on the start to this 4-game road trip out east.

Last night's game was a very defensive game, as the final score last night ended up being just 2-1.

Not only was there a lot of defensive activity in the Wild's offensive zone as the Sabres tried to stop them from getting scoring chances, but there was also a lot of activity in the Wild's defensive zone.

Most importantly, one of the key players on that end last night that helped keep the game alive for the Wild was the one and only Josh Harding.

Last night was a busy one for him, as he made an amazing 22 saves out of the Sabres' 23 shots.

This now brings his save percentage up to an astounding .948.

That means he's now beating Backstrom's save percentage of .849 (wow, that's Harding's save percentage backwards), but that's only because he's still on a day-to-day injury.

As of right now, I'm not too sure when he'll be back between the pipes for the Wild, but heck, I wouldn't mind seeing Harding play in his spot for awhile.

With the way he's been playing, I wouldn't be surprised if Yeo and Fletcher make him the starting goalie eventually. Could it happen? Only time will tell.

While I've been talking about goalies this whole time, I have another bit of goalie-related news to tell all of you.

Whilst watching NHL Tonight last night, I saw on the ticker on the bottom that we just recalled Kuemper from Iowa again earlier that day. Does this mean Backstrom will still be out for a little longer? We'll just have to wait and see.

Who else agrees with me on my stance of thinking that the Wild should try to make Harding the starting goaltender based on how he's been doing lately?

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