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Wilderness Walk: 10-16-2013: Grodie Game Edition

The Wild lose a game in a way that is getting all too familiar.

James Reimer and the Maple Leafs inexplicably defeated the Minnesota Wild last night.
James Reimer and the Maple Leafs inexplicably defeated the Minnesota Wild last night.

Tonight's Minnesota Wild game was almost a parody of its first three games.

The Wild took everything about their early season struggles, and turned it to 11 tonight. The Wild out-corsifenwickshot the Toronto Maple Leafs by an absurd margin tonight, finishing the first period with a ridiculous 18-3 shot advantage. But shaky goaltending, an inept penalty kill, and an inability to score put them in a 2-1 hole in after the first period.

That was two goals on three shots, people. Three shots were enough to defeat the Wild tonight.

It just goes to show you how "moral victories" are merely demoralizing losses with some spin. As many good things you could point to that the Wild did well, the point is, they still lost. And this loss was even more maddening and frustrating than losses we saw last year because of how good the Wild can actually look and play. We're getting close to a tenth of the season here, and it's obvious that there are strides that the Wild are taking, but when they're still finding ways to lose, you just want to pull your gorram hair out.

Anyway, I can't talk about this game anymore. It's giving me a headache. So let's go on to the Walk.

Wild News

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Off the Trail

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