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Minnesota Wild @ Florida Panthers: Post game frustration

Another night, another loss

yup. That about sums it up
yup. That about sums it up
Joel Auerbach

Wild lose in heartbreaking fashion tonight, again. 2-1 in the shootout against a team that frankly, shouldn't even be in the same league as the Wild.

Listen folks. I'm as frustrated as you are. This team that is full of talent and potential, that is outperforming nearly every single team they play against, is somehow struggling to beat teams that shouldn't pose a threat to an automatic 2 point win.

But, at the same time, Wild fans should be use to losing. The positive side to the types of losses that the Wild are taking is that they ARE out preforming the other teams. While it sucks right now, it does mean the team is doing the things that need to be done.

The 2011-2012 LA Kings started their season in similar fashion. Outperforming and out playing the teams they played, but unable to get wins. A refresher course in history will tell you the Kings won the Stanley Cup that year.

That's not to say that the Wild are going to win the Cup this season. But teams have started out rough, and fought their way back to be a great team. There are still 73 games left of the season, so be strong Wild fans!

That being said, Dany Heatley needs to sit in the pressbox for a game or two. He's not working on any line, and he's not working on the power play. If anything, he's making it tougher for the Wild to score. I saw 2 blocked shots on the Panthers net from him tonight, due to being out of position.

Mikael Granlund looked fantastic yet again tonight. He's consistently pulling penalties, and consistently setting up great scoring chances. Eventually (just like we said with Jonas Brodin), he will figure out when he needs to just let the puck loose towards the net.

Speaking of Brodin, Kidstrom is on fire. After tonight's goal, he leads ALL NHL defensemen in goals. He's looking fabulous on the offensive side of things, as well as staying tremendously sound on the defensive side.

Mathew Dumba had a bit of a rough game again, but it seems like's it could just be simple growing pains. The first was his worst period, and he seemed to get better and settle down as the game went on. That is exactly what you want from a young defenseman.

The Wild return to St. Paul ice on Tuesday to take on Nashville at 7pm.

Five Questions

1. Will the second line finally score now that they are free from the Heatley handcuffs? Nope. Of course not

2. Can Matt Dumba rebound from a not so stellar game against Tampa? It took a little bit of time, but he settled down and looked decent as the game went on

3.Could the Wild maybe, kinda, sorta, possibly find a way to stay out of the box? And if they do have to go, could it maybe not be the top penalty killers? PLEASE? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

4. Since the Wild are still paying Gilbert this season, does he cut the team any favors? Didn't notice him at all tonight, to be honest

5. Can the Minnesota Wild make Timmy Thomas lose his shit? Sadly, no