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Noon Number (October 2nd): 171

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A special Noon Number from yours truly, The Noogie.


171 Wilderness, but what does it mean? Could it be the projected points from the top line on the season? Is it perhaps total number of goals against for the Wild netminders this coming season? Is it Zenon Konopka's penalty minutes at the midway point of the season?

All fine guesses if you were to ask me, but 171 is not the answer to any of those questions.

We are now officially 171 periods closer to the next lockout...

The numbers are crunched and the answer is found! For your Minnesota Wild have officially played 171 periods of lockout free hockey! Now lets see how it all broke down:

  • 144 Regular Season
  • 10 Regular Season OT
  • 6 Shoot-outs lasting a grand total of 16 rounds
  • 15 Playoff
  • 2 Playoff OT
  • 159 Non-OT / 171 Total periods
Of course those 10 regular season OT's aren't really a period per-say, but the 159 total not counting any overtime is rock solid! Just how do those numbers stack up against a full regular season you ask?

2012-2013 Season

  • 246 Regular Season
  • 24 Regular Season OT
  • 20 Shoot-outs lasting a grand total of 64 rounds
  • 0 Playoff
  • 0 Playoff OT
  • 246 Non-OT / 270 Total periods
That is a pile of hockey! So the lockout all told cost the Wild fans about 100 periods of hockey last regular season. We did however gain an extra 15 periods of bonus playoff hockey. So I suppose if you think 15 periods of playoff hockey are equal to 100 periods of the regular season, then you really didn't miss much last season.
I'm just happy we are back to a full 246 periods of regular season hockey. If the Wild feel the need to throw some extra playoff periods in there as well, I would have no complaints.

The count-up continues in the game threads this Thursday folks, hope to see you there!