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Noon Number for 10-21-2013: 1.4

Joel Auerbach

Hello, Wilderness!

In case you're wondering why I'm doing today's number, it's because Ger wanted to do an article today and didn't want to be swamped with doing this post and his other one.

This means you'll be seeing the Number from him tomorrow.

Ranting aside, today's number, 1.4, is the average amount of 3v5 time that the Wild have averaged per game.

This makes them the 8th best in the NHL, with Colorado, the New York Rangers, Vancouver, Boston, Phoenix, Ottawa, and Detroit above them.

This doesn't matter too much though, because those teams above us have killed off those penalties, thus racking up more of those minutes.

When looking at this information and sorting it with other stats I found on Behind the Net, this is where things get really ugly.

If you look at this same chart but sorting it by 3v5 Goals Against Per 60 minutes, the Wild are just below the top spot (which is where you don't want to be in this category) with a disappointing 86.7 average.

Things get even worse when you look at this chart sorted by 3v5 Against Per 60 minutes.

The Wild rank at the top of this category with an unacceptable 173.5. Obviously, if you allow too many shots on goal in these situations, they can eventually lead to goals.

They have given other teams a 5-on-3 too much during this start to the season, and it has hurt us, as they have let in a goal in these situations almost every time.

Simply put, if the Wild actually want to win games, one of the many things they need to improve upon is with penalties. They have drawn too many stupid penalties, and in the end, that can just hurt us. This has allowed us to lay an giant egg for the other team time and time again.

If you want to look at these charts for yourself, you can refer to this link.

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