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Minnesota Wild vs Nashville Predators: Game preview

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Some quick notes for tonight's game

Joel Auerbach

Welcome back to gameday Wilderness. Hopefully everyone has used the last few days to calm down their spirits a little, and today finds everyone a bit more stable than the last few games. One of the things to keep in mind is that we are all in this together, and even though we all view things differently, we all have a strong bond that ties us together: Cheering for this team.

Everyone has been guilty of a being a bit too snide or chirpy at people during this stretch of "WTF is this crap that's going on". Let's try and get back to being fans of team that's doing things we've never seen from them before.

On to today's game preview.

Notes from practice today include the following nuggets of information

  • Josh Harding starts
  • Mathew Dumba will be sitting, Prosser is playing
  • Forward lines have been un-shuffled and have gone back to "normal"
  • CHARLIE COYLE SKATED BEFORE THE MORNING SKATE!! This is, as far as I know, the first time he's hit the ice since his injury. Great news that he is getting closer, but it could still be another 2 weeks before he's in game shape
  • Ryan Suter is set to skate in his 600th NHL game tonight

Nashville is coming off a 3-1 win over the Jets, and is sitting 2 points above the Wild. Seth Jones is looking pretty good on the Preds first pairing, so that is something that the team and fans alike should be keeping an eye on.

The biggest thing that the Wild have going for them is the fact that the defense is playing very well, and not allowing a lot of shots towards Harding. Nashville doesn't exactly have a strong group of goal scorers, so as long as the Wild can stay out of the penalty box (this seems like a familiar tune), this game shouldn't be tough to win.

Hopefully the team is motivated to get some revenge (on the scoreboard) for the last meeting between these two teams. Make sure to check back around 6:30 for the game thread.