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Wilderness Walk: 10-22-2013

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Celebrate a victory and pray like hell Jonas Brodin is OK.

The Wild won! Hugs for everyone! Except for the Predators!
The Wild won! Hugs for everyone! Except for the Predators!
Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sport

The Wild returned home after a frustrating and disappointing road trip that saw them net three out of a potential eight points tonight to play the Nashville Predators.

SPOILER ALERT: The Wild won. But it appears that they're still licking their wounds.

Jonas Brodin took a puck to the face, and is now getting X-Rays on it. That's not good. We'll be keeping a collective eye out to bring you any updates.

As for the game itself, we could still see some of the same issues we've been seeing throughout this season. The Wild threw 28 pucks at Pekka Rinne, continuing to stomp their opponents in puck possession, with only one goal to show for it. Getting the two points will gloss over this, and there are very reasonable arguments this is a small sample size fluke, but it is still a bit discouraging to see the Wild dominate in shots only to score two goals or fewer for the 8th time in their 10 games this season.

However, a win is a win, and there are some impressive things about the win. Josh Harding only had to make 16 saves, despite the Wild being short Brodin for almost the entire game, and Marco Scandella for a bit of it. And those 16 saves gave Josh Harding a shutout, continuing his stellar play this season. The penalty kill had only two trips to the ice, and they were successful both times. Justin Fontaine scored the game-winner in his first stint on the top line.

The next few days look something like this: Pray for Brodin to be healthy, and wait until Thursday, when the Wild take on the Carolina Hurricanes, a game I'll be attending(!!!).

You can also look back to where the Wild were at at this stage of the season last year. 4-5-1. And the Wild weren't dictating the play nearly as much as they are doing now. Not too shabby.

In the meantime, on to the Walk.

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