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Minnesota Wild vs. Chicago Blackhawks: Game Preview

The Wild have a rematch with the mighty Blackhawks tonight at 7 PM.

Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Spor

Who's ready for a rematch against the Blackhawks tonight?  I know I am, because what I saw from Saturday's game was very encouraging.

Even though your Wild were able to come out with the win Saturday night in Chicago, it didn't come easy against a team like the Hawks.

Sure, we ended up scoring 5 goals (woohoo!), but we really had to work against the Hawks' almost-impenetrable defense in order to do so.

Looks like that hard work paid off as it led to a TON of goal scoring.

Tonight, the Wild look to keep their win streak alive and to sweep the Hawks with the conclusion of this home-and-home.

If you're going to the game tonight, you're going to notice that the Wild are going to be wearing their new white road sweaters as opposed to their usual red or green ones.  That's because they want to show their new road sweaters off to the home crowd, as they don't get to see them unless they make a trip out to wherever they're playing.  All fans in attendance will also be greeted to a white rally towel that has the design of the Wild's new road sweater on it to cheer on our team in white tonight.

See you all back here tonight at 7, Wilderness!