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Wilderness Walk 10-30-2013: Dumba Decision Edition

Mathew Dumba is pretty much what you'll be reading about today.

To help get over the disappointment of Monday's loss, here's Prosser punching Brendan Saad in the face.
To help get over the disappointment of Monday's loss, here's Prosser punching Brendan Saad in the face.
Hannah Foslien

10 games.

Mathew Dumba is allowed to play with the Wild for 9 games without consequence. After that, the Wild must send Dumba to his junior team in Red Deer, or the Wild will burn a year off his contract.

But don't let me spoil all your fun- you will hear all about it soon enough. My quick take on that: I probably think that the Wild will keep him to burn off a year of ELC, but I also think he'll be sent to the AHL the second the WHL's season ends, and I'm not sure that he plays more than 41 games.

As for other things...

The Wild don't play until Friday, and there aren't recent updates on the health status of Jonas Brodin, Charlie Coyle, and Mike Rupp, which makes the Wild chatter a bit of slim pickins, so...

On to the Wild.

Wild News

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It's all Mathew Dumba from here.

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Off the Trail

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