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Minnesota Wild @ Nashville Predators: Period 3 thread

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Wild down by 1, 3-2 Perds.

Frederick Breedon

Lead cut to one, and 20 minutes left. Maybe, if we're all faithful, the team can pull this out.

Also, FYI the Preds are kinda dirty.

Five Questions:

1. Both teams are looking for their first win. Who puts in the work to get it done?

2. Mikael Granlund is taking Charlie Coyle's place for 2nd line center. How does he look?

3. The storyline of the game will be the Booing of Suter. Does he show Nashville fans why they should be crying over him leaving?

4. The power play has been looking spectacular lately. Can the team carry that momentum to it's first road game?

5. Jason Zucker has been FREED!!!!! Does he make the team regret sending him to Iowa?