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Minnesota Wild vs. Montreal Canadiens: Game Preview

Jean-Yves Ahern-USA TODAY Sports

Tonight, your Wild begin another little eastern conference battle, starting with the Montreal Canadiens.

This will be their sixth inter-conference game this season.

The Wild and Canadiens haven't played each other since March 1, 2012, and it ended in a 5-4 shootout win for the Canadiens. That year they still only played them and other eastern conference teams only once.

It's been awhile since the Wild have won against the Canadiens as well. As I just said before, the Wild lost their last contest to them in a shootout. Before that, back in the 2010-11 season, the Canadiens crushed the Wild with a final score of 8-1.

Going back to the 2009-10 season, that was the last time the Wild got a win over the Habs. The final score of that game was 3-1.

As of right now, they are on a hot streak, as they are currently 8-5-0, which gives them 16 points. This puts them in 4th place in the Atlantic division.

The Wild are also currently in 4th place here in the central division, but are 6-4-3, giving us 15 points.

This game should be a good test for us tonight, since were playing a team that is hot right now, and there are new line combinations now because of Coyle being back. Brodin and Ballard are also back too.

Game time tonight as usual is 7, but because the Timberwolves have a game tonight at the same time, the game will be on FSN+ (come on, man!).