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Noon Number (November 15th): 34

What Parise is thinking right now: "You can't stop me, Bernier!"
What Parise is thinking right now: "You can't stop me, Bernier!"
Hannah Foslien

Hello, Wilderness!

I had Ger fill in for me on the Number yesterday since I had some other things I still had to finish up after being at that awesome Wild game last night. I told him I would fill in for him today.

Today's number, 34, represents the number of shootout goals Zach Parise now has for his career.

Believe it or not, he ranks first in the NHL in this category among 3 others (Boyes: 33 SO goals on 73 shots, Datsyuk: 33 SO goals on 74 shots, and Vrbata 33 SO goals on 74 shots).

Earlier this season, the Wild forced a shootout in their first game and home opener against the Kings, and it didn't end well for them.

A few weeks after that, another shootout is forced when the Wild had their first of 2 meetings with the Panthers (yup, that's right, the Panthers). That also ended in an abysmal loss for us, and that was just an unacceptable one.

Enter the start of November, and the Wild see their third shootout of the season already in their first of 2 meetings with the Capitals. The end result? You guessed it: another loss. With the way the Wild were playing in this game, I thought that it shouldn't have even gone to an overtime or shootout at all. I guess the third time on the shootout wasn't the charm here.

Never fear, because come their last of 2 games on this east coast road trip, the Wild finally got their first shootout win (with all three of our shooters scoring!). This one came in our last of 2 meetings with the Hurricanes for this season.

But wait, there's more! Last night, against the Maple Leafs, Parise scored late in the game to force OT, and then eventually another shootout. This time, only 2 out of our 3 shooters scored, but that didn't matter since Harding stopped the Leafs' shooters.

While it's nice to finally see those shootout wins finally coming now, it's better to try to win a game in regulation if possible.

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