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Wild vs. Jets: NO JETS NO 2.0 version

Wild be the Jets, and move up in the standings

Hannah Foslien

One thing all Wild and Jets fans can agree on is that these games are always a good time. At least good for trash talking other fans.

The Wild completely dominated the first period, surprise surprise. The Jets held their heads in same as they went to the locker room with TWO shots. Yes, that was the number 2.

The Wild scored on a beauty of a pass that went from Marco Scandella to Zach Parise, who then shot it at Andrej Pavelec and the rebound went straight everyone's favorite Kaptian Mikko Koivu for the tap in.

The second period was played in true Wild style as of late. Pedal off the gas, take a bit of a nap, and hope that it doesn't come back to bit you. No goals for the Jets in the second, but they did have a decent number of chances that could have been goals if Josh Harding was off his game.

Speaking of Harding, the Jets goalie chants are so stupid that it actually hurts my brain. We get it, it's your thing. But it's stupid. Your team sucks, and your chanting before your team scores a goal. Just...stop.

The third started, and the Jets scored less than two minutes into the game. The Wild need to stop this pattern of letting things slide and hoping that it doesn't come back on them. IT NEVER WORKS.

Justin Fontaine had a rough night, and was replaced on the 3rd line by Torrey Mitchell during the game. Jason Pominville spent some time on the 1st line line (really only a few none PP shifts). Nino Niederreiter had a mixed night, he was either working his butt off or making some rookie mistakes.

Kyle Brodziak needs to figure out how to score again quickly. It's really sad to get excited about a breakaway only to realize who has the puck and be depressed again.

Luckily, in true Kaptian fashion, Koivu scored the game winning goal with very little time left in the game. Which my sleep schedule greatly appreciated.