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Noon Number (November 19): 2

The Wild have been movin' on up in this new central division.

Great job guys, keep it up!
Great job guys, keep it up!
Hannah Foslien

Hello again, Wilderness!

How's everyone's day been? I'm sure it will be great for all of us when we get to watch the Wild play again tonight as they begin a 4-game road trip starting with the Habs.

The Wild got the win against them here at the X earlier this month, so I think they're more than capable of doing it again. Plus, right now, we're going streaking! No, not the kind where you strip naked and run around a public area, but a winning streak! (I just had to do that, I couldn't resist)

Today's number is a simple one, and that is the place the Wild currently stand here in the central division, 2nd place.

This puts us just 2 points behind the division-leading Blackhawks. Awesome, right? Yeah, I thought so.

This number is also the spot the Wild got in the power rankings, at least if you're looking at Bleacher Report. I know someone out there despises that site (*cough* Ger *cough*).

Ok, that was maybe a bit harsh, but that's besides the point.

So now let's get back to the main point. As I said before, the Wild are in 2nd place in our division (for now), just 2 points from tying with the division-leading Blackhawks. This means we are currently 5th place in the western conference and the entire NHL right now.

In order for us to get in a tie for the division lead, we need 2 things to happen for us tonight. Most importantly, we need to get the win (which as I said before should be doable with this momentum we've built up), and then the Hawks need to lose to the Avalanche. I'm really hoping that both of these things could happen, and then we can finally be one step closer to inching ahead for that all-important division lead.

Do you think this could happen tonight, Wilderness?

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