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Wilderness Walk 11-30-2013: Bad Losing Streak Edition

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Hannah Foslien

Good morning, Wilderness!

Like you and other Wild fans, I am downright frustrated and disappointed with the Wild right now.

Over these last 3 games, they haven't seemed to play with any urgency until the 2nd and 3rd periods of the game. That being said, the Wild did look a little better tonight during some of the game, but unfortunately we came up short and the injury bug continues to bite us as Konopka had a puck taken to the face to make the area near his eye swollen. Because of that, he had to go to the hospital and therefore won't be travelling with the team to finish off this home-and-home with the Avs.

The Wild finish off their home-and-home with the Avs tonight in Denver at 8.

Can the Wild finally break this terrible losing streak to come out with the W? We can only hope. If they even want to have a decent chance of winning tonight (which I sure hope they do), they need to start off fast when the game starts, not late into the game. This right here is the main reason we have lost. We need to fix that NOW.

With our western conference being so dominant in the standings, playing those good teams is going to be tough, and it has been showing for us. If they can't get it together come tonight, we're going to be in for some rough waters come next week. In that stretch of games, they play the Flyers (which I desperately hope can be a win for us; I'll be there!), Hawks, Blue Jackets (who I think we could also win against as they're also struggling), and the Sharks (I'll also be there for that game!).

With my angry rant out of the way now, let's walk off yesterday's loss now shall we?

Wild News

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Tending the Fields

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