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Noon Number for 11-5-2013: 1.10

Save by Harding!
Save by Harding!
Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sport

Hello, Wilderness!

How's everyone's day going so far?

Mine will be great once tonight's Wild game finally comes. That's because I will be going to it!

Any other Wilderness writers going to be at the game tonight? If so, let me know in the comments below! The last game I went to, one of our fellow writers, Tony, was also at the game and I got to meet him. You probably remember seeing that picture that I took with him at that game.

Anyways, before I ramble on too long about my excitement for tonight's game, let's get into today's number now, shall we?

Continuing with the trend of our shutout win over the Devils on Sunday, today's number is all about the player who was key to keeping that game alive for us, Josh Harding.

That number above is his GAA, which still leads all of the NHL right now.

Our record may not pair up with his league-leading GAA, but couple that with our offensive and defensive lines clicking along, and the wins have been racking up now.

Going back to Sunday night's game, Harding was unbelievable that night. The first period was a bit flat for the Wild, as they had a hard time escaping from their own zone and there were many shots that could have been goals for the Devils. Had it not been a good start for Harding (as well as our defense), the Wild could have easily been down a couple goals in the first period alone.

Things got better as that game went on. Our offensive lines managed to score 1 goal per period (as well as Pominville's empty-netter at the end), and Harding managed to keep the Devils at 0 to give us the shutout win.

With how amazing Harding has been doing, I think he deserves to take over Backstrom's role as the Wild's starting netminder.

I say this every time, but it's amazing how he's able to do all of this with MS.

Nothing is official as of yet as to who will be the starting goaltender for tonight's contest against the Flames, but I think it's pretty safe to say that Harding will get the nod.

Enjoy the game tonight, Wilderness!

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