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Minnesota Wild vs Vancouver Canucks: Game Recap

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Wild beats Vancouver in a shootout, 3-2

Hannah Foslien

We're going to break this down in Bad/Good recap style.

The Bad

  • Ryan Suter- The second Canucks goal was completely on him. He got down way too low in the Canucks zone, and struggled to get back in time to catch the play. Once he did, he didn't stick to his guy or the puck. Boom, Bang, Goal.
  • Faceoffs- The overall percentages weren't bad, but Mikko Koivu had a FO of 35% after 2 periods. Erik Haula was 25%.
  • Lack of scoring- This one is the worst. The Wild have scored a stupidly small amount of goals. With the players on the roster, what is the issue? This cannot solely fall on Granlund's shoulders. His injury is not why the team isn't scoring, and it won't be fixed by his return. How does the team fix this?
  • The first two periods- The team played sloppy, and at times looked like they had completely given up even trying to win the game. It's frustrating for fans to see players ok with being mediocre.

The Good

  • Brett Bulmer- Honey Badger just doesn't give a fuck. It doesn't matter that this is his first week in the NHL, he's going to be a pain in oppoinents sides. He knocked people off pucks, forced turnovers, threw some great's excellent to see him performing well with the Wild
  • Erik Haula- His speed is fantastic, and was one of the few players who didn't get caught making terrible plays and passes during the game. With Mikael Granlund returning soon (hopefully), you've got to think Haula is trying to show the coaches that there is a reason to keep him up with the Wild.
  • Josh Harding- At least someone is showing up consistently. At some point the team really needs to help lighten the load on Harding's back. Good grief
  • The 3rd period- The third period was all Wild from start to finish. They outshot the Canucks by quite a bit, and spent nearly the entire period in the Canucks end. Now that hustle and play needs to make it's way into other periods.

5 key questions to the game

  • 1.)The Canucks are a giant pain. Do they stick to their diving ways tonight? LOL yes. Dive Canucks, DIVE
  • 2.) LOLoungo is in net tonight. Does he "exercise" his Xcel demons?? Sort of. He wasn't a sive L
  • 3.) The Wild have rocked it at home. Do they continue that trend tonight? I wouldn't say "rocked ot"
  • 4.) Mikael Granlund is skating with the team again, and may play Thursday. Does the team relax knowing he's coming back soon? Not even a little.
  • 5.) Do the defensemen continue chipping in on offense? Suter gets an assist