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Minnesota Wild @ Winnipeg Jets: Post game wrap up

Wild lose 6-4 to the Jets

Jim McIsaac

The Wild dropped their first game of the season to the Winnipeg Jets tonight, after scoring 3 goals in the first period.

The good

  • The Wild learned to score!! 4 goals!!!! 3 in one period!!!! YAY!!!!!

The bad

  • Everything else- Defense and goaltending where things that didn't happen in this game. The Wild allowed 37 shots on Niklas Backstrom.

The team can't score, but once the floodgates open they can't keep the puck out of their own net. Fans are at a breaking point, and for the most part watching them play isn't even enjoyable.

Hopefully this game shows the Wild they need to focus on their game a whole, instead of just parts of it. They started crashing the net a lot more this game, and got the goals to show that's what they should be doing. But they can't completely forget that they have to keep playing defense.

One of the few bright spots was that fact that Zach Parise's absence didn't handcuff the team. Maybe the fact that he will be out of the line-up for awhile helped jump start players into chipping in more on offense. Hopefully the team doesn't need to lose Ryan Suter to realize they need to chip in on defense too.

There's not a whole lot left to say at this point. Other than at least we aren't cheering for the Avs, who lost 7-2 to the Blackhawks tonight.