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Playing GM: What to do with Devin Setoguchi?

In everyone's new favorite feature, what would you do if you were Chuck Fletcher?

Hannah Foslien

There’s been a lot of discussion about Devin Setoguchi. Last season was a bit of a disappointment for him, and for the fans as well. After the season finished it was revealed that he was involved in a freak car accident in San Jose right before training camp started and it really affected his play. Fast forward to the lockout, and news that he would be playing in the ECHL for the Ontario Reign left some fans hoping he would be ready to jump out of the gate once the lockout was over and the season started.

When training camp started, multiple sources claimed that Setoguchi was in amazing shape, if not the best shape he had ever been in. Fan hopes were high, maybe this year they would get to see what Setoguchi was really made of. The season started, the hype around Zach Parise came true and fans were waiting for Seto to show off his new and improved self. And are still waiting…

So, let’s continue on with our game of being Chuck Fletcher. What do you do?

Some of the ideas that have been thrown around include:

  • Demote him to third line
  • Trade him
  • Send him to the press box
  • Allow him to become a more physical player (like a Clutterbuck)
  • Give him more time to find his game
  • Send him to Houston

What should Chuck Fletcher do, Wilderness?