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Three Questions with Anaheim Calling

Learn a bit about the Anaheim Ducks, and be prepared for tonight's big rivalry game.

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

As has become a bit of a routine, we sit down for a three question discussion with the opposing SB Nation site for game night. Being that the Wild play the Ducks, we turn to Jen Neale, oh she of ultimate power and authority at Anaheim Calling.

Be sure to visit AC early and often today in preparation for tonight's game.

1. What's in the water out there? Teemu Selanne and Saku Koivu seem to never age.

Haven't you watched The Real Housewives of Orange County? Plastic surgery! I think the better question is what's in the water in Finland. Many Finns play late into their career. Must be all the competitive sauna competitions (those are real).

2. How's Bruce Boudreau doing out there?

I've said a few time that Bruce has been the best acquisition for the Ducks in a long time. I absolutely adore him. Bruce is the polar opposite of Randy Carlyle and he's exactly what the franchise needed. He loves engaging with the fans. He loves prodding at the Kings in the press. He's just so much fun. On the ice, his coaching philosophy of run and gun offense fits the team really well. We have four 25+ goal scorers and Randy's system stiffled them. Bruce wants them to do what they do best - shoot and score.

3. If there is a singular weakness to the Ducks, what is it?

As cliche as it is to say, their biggest weakness is themselves. The minute something goes bad, we start to shame spiral. If we have a close lead, we play not to lose instead of continuing to pressure. When we can't score, we get frustrated and start to fight, depleting any chance of coming back. We need therapy or something. If you want a player that's a weakness, it's Bryan Allen. Good God is he terrible.

Thanks to Jen for dealing with our silly little questions. Side note: Anaheim Calling, Five for Howling (covering the Wild's next stop, Phoenix), and Hockey Wilderness hold the distinct honor of being Ryan Lambert's "Three Worst SB Nation sites." I can think of no larger honor than to be hated by such a useless troll, and can think of no better company to keep than AC and FFH.