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The NHL and Concussions: An Introduction to Concussion Monday

Join many SBN blogs in discussing concussions and how they affect the NHL today

Christian Petersen

Hockey fans know violence. Big hits, fights, and hard shots are a part of the game, and many times the reason that fans love it. With the information that is now known about concussions and how they affect the brain, many fans have questioned if the sport of hockey has become too violent.Today, many SBNation hockey blogs are posting various opinions on concussions in the NHL. Whether you think the NHL should crack down on hits to the head, that players are responsible for their own safety, injury risk is part of the game, fights should be banned, or anything in-between, there will be something for you today. There will also be feature stories on players that have had major concussion issues. Make sure to visit all of the sites taking part, and put your critical thinking caps on. Some sites will be posting multiple articles throughout the day, so make sure you stop back throughout the day.

Here at HW, there will be 6 more posts coming your way on concussions today. Hopefully they will spark some great discussion, and provide some extra points for you to think about when the topic of concussions comes up in the future.

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