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Minnesota Wild vs Calgary Flames Game RacaZZzzzzzz

Is there such thing a non-moral victory?

Derek Leung

Minnesota Wild 2 - 1 Calgary Flames (SO)

For Calgary perspective, please visit Matchsticks & Gasoline, but we're not sure why you want any more of this game than you absolutely have to have.

This game was terrible. Absolutely horrid hockey from both sides. A boring, yawn inducing, drudging, plodding, monotonous torture of a hockey game from both the Wild and the Flames. The fact that it went to a shootout and each team was awarded a point in the standings, AND and extra point was given out, is not fair to anyone who suffered through it or to the teams in the NHL not involved.

Seriously. There should be some way to put together a game recap for every game. Tonight, there just flat out was nothing. One goal each from Kyle Brodziak and Jiri Hudler, two of the most nondescript, quiet hockey players on the planet. No fights. No controversial calls, save for a missed high stick on Devin Setoguchi. No emotion, no life, no... anything.

Honestly, the real story here may be how the referees were able to manage not passing out on the ice to call the entire game.

The Wild should have dominated the Flames tonight. Instead, the Wild were completely lifeless, the Flames played Lemaire-like hockey to get their point, and everyone in the hockey world was cheated for having this game count as an NHL game. But hey, at least we got to watch the always exciting shootout!

Both teams should be ashamed of themselves for this performance, fans should be refunded their ticket price, and FSN should issue an apology for not switching to a rerun of the Twins vs the Indians.

Thank goodness it's over.

Three Stars of the Game

1. Absolutely No One
2. Beer
3. Anyone who made it through the entire thing

Five Questions:

  1. Can the Wild take advantage of a not so good Flames team? Oh hell no.
  2. Something named Leland Irving in net. Can the Wild not make him look like Hasek? I'm not sure the goalies even matteredin this one.
  3. Seriously... Ryan Suter... are you there? I saw him. I think. Going to call him Sasquatch from now on.
  4. Can the second line produce some offense throughout the game? That's cute.
  5. Is the bottom six worth a damn yet? Brodziak scored. Does that count?