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Wild Recall Darcy Kuemper, Will Play Tonight in Vancouver

The Wild have recalled AHL goalie Darcy Kuemper. Harding's treatments for MS are being given as the reason behind the call up.

UPDATE: Kuemper will start tonight against the Canucks. GM Chuck Fletcher said the Josh Haridng is feeling "off" and linked the feelings to Harding's treatment for MS. This amount of transparency is a bit surprising, but it is certainly welcome. Hopefully Harding can get it sorted out and be back in action soon.

Original Post

Kevin Woodley of is reporting (and Russo has confirmed) that the Wild have recalled Darcy Kuemper from the Aeros. Woodley tweeted that Kuemper may even play tonight against the Vancouver Canucks:

As of yet, there is no information about why Kuemper was recalled, but you will remember that Zach Parise was sick late last week. These things do have a way of moving quickly through a locker room. The attention will, undoubtedly turn to Harding's MS, so let's hope it has nothing to do with that. If it does, my guess is we will never hear about it anyway.

If Kuemper does play tonight, it would be his NHL debut. He is currently ripping the AHL apart, and has passed Matt Hackett on the depth charts for many observers.

We'll get you the info as we have it. You want it faster than that, you should all know where to turn.