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Minnesota Wild vs Colorado Avalanche: Game 14

Join us as we watch the Minnesota Wild score one goal against the Colorado Avalanche.

Love is in the air...
Love is in the air...
Hannah Foslien

Happy made up holiday based on old Christian traditions that one out of every 150 people might possibly be able to explain and now forces feelings of guilt if you did not buy someone chocolate, flowers, and a card, and makes people outside of relationships feel as though they are somehow lesser people!

But hey, as long as we aren't bitter.

The Minnesota Wild look to score their one goal per game tonight against the Colorado Avalanche. The Wild played very well against the Avs, in the very same building they will play tonight, early in the year. The Wild could use a solid showing to get back on track, and the Avs are just the team the should do it against. As long as the Wild avoid playing down to their opponents level...

Oh who am I kidding?

The Wild should really be able to crush the Avs tonight. The Avs are currently in last place in the softest division in professional sports, and are simply not playing very well at all. The operating word is should. With the way the Wild have played the last six games, the Avalanche are more likely to look like the Pittsburgh Penguins tonight.

Wow. Could you imagine the Wild playing a team like the Pens? Oof.

This game is going to be one of two things. It is either going to be the game when the team wakes up and busts loose for 5 goals, or it will be another 1 goal game, and someone's seat is going to begin to get very, very hot. And not in a good way.

It is, however, Valentine's Day, and love is in the air. Or some other hippie crap that sounds pretty and makes men swoon. So, in honor of Valentine's Day, I am going to do something special, as explained earlier today. I am going to donate money to Defending the Blue Line based on the following:

  • $2 for every holding penalty
  • $2 for every hooking penalty
  • $2 for every holding the stick penalty
  • $2 for every diving penalty
  • $2 for every spearing penalty
  • $2 for every too many men on the ice penalty
  • $2 for every butt-ending penalty
  • $2 for evey biting penalty
  • $5 for any contact to the head penalty
  • $20 for any illegal equipment penalty
  • $20 for any unsustained request for measurement penalty
  • $20 for any refusing to surrender stick for measurement penalty
Enjoy the game. It could be quiet around here, what with all you crazies out getting your love on.