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Valentine's Day Donation Game to Benefit Defending the Blue Line

Join Hockey Wilderness in making donations to a great cause based on innuendo.

Yep. Bobby Valentine. Because... why not?
Yep. Bobby Valentine. Because... why not?

What better way to celebrate a completely made up holiday than to completely make up a reason to give money to a good cause, and use a little innuendo to do it?

For tonight's game, I am pledging to donate to Defending the Blue Line in the following amounts:

  • $2 for every holding penalty
  • $2 for every hooking penalty
  • $2 for every holding the stick penalty
  • $2 for every diving penalty
  • $2 for every spearing penalty
  • $2 for every too many men on the ice penalty
  • $2 for every butt-ending penalty
  • $2 for evey biting penalty
  • $5 for any contact to the head penalty
  • $20 for any illegal equipment penalty
  • $20 for any unsustained request for measurement penalty
  • $20 for any refusing to surrender stick for measurement penalty
The minimum donation made will be $20. There will be no set maximum. If the game is a gong show, and there are 50 hooking calls, so be it. The only question left to answer is...

Who's with me? Will you take the pledge to donate to DTBL for innuendo laced NHL penalties?