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Wild vs Red Wings: Three Questions With Winging it in Motown

Need more info on the Red Wings? We get that from Winging it in Motown.


In our ongoing effort to bring you info from the other side what NBCSN would call a rivalry game, we spoke with JJ from Winging it in Motown about life, love, long walks on the beach, and what kind of bubble gum is his favorite.

OK, we actually asked him some hockey related questions. Here are his answers. Be sure to check out his Q & A with us over at WIIM.

1. The Red Wings are 7-5-2, with 16 points, and sit in second to last place in the central. What's it like to know that if the Wings played in the Northwest, they would be in second place, and just two points away from the third seed?

It's annoying that in a shortened season where in-division games mean more that the Wings don't get to play more buttercups. I know that nobody is going to give the Red Wings any sort of sympathy considering how absolutely awful the competition in the Central was for so many years, but those were legitimately incredible Red Wings teams beating up on those saps. Those teams wouldn't be worried about a tougher division this season either. This Red Wings team isn't good enough to enjoy knowing that they don't have to worry how good their division is. All we can do is wait for realignment to give us the Wild, Jets, and Stars to play more often.

2. The Chicago Blackhawks look damn near unstoppable. What do the Wings need to do to catch them?

I don't know, voodoo? Contract out against Kane, Toews, and Hossa's knees? Remind Corky Crawford that he's not as good a goalie as he has been so far this season? The Hawks are going to hit a skid at some point. If the Wings want to have any chance of competing for the division crown, they're going to have to earn points where they're expected to and steal points where they can.

3. Which team would you eliminate and what would you do with the players?

I'd eliminate the Avalanche. You know there's something wrong when the criminal way ownership screws up their own team makes a Red Wings fan from the hottest days of the rivalry actually feel badly for Colorado fans as they watch a team perpetually promising to rebuild and then lowballing their star players to either drive them away or trade them to continue the rebuild. Nashville has done this for a while too, but not as blatantly shitty as Stan Kroenke's business-first joke of an organization does. The Avalanche are hockey's model of the Kansas City Royals and Pittsburgh Pirates. Management would literally throw a game if it made them $5 more and that's a shitty way to run a team.

I'd happily put the players back into a dispersal draft, but only after offering each and every one of them counseling to see if they can get over having been unfortunate enough to ever be associated with those shitheels.