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Devin Setoguchi Faces Disciplinary Hearing for hit on Kyle Quincey

Wild forward Devin Setoguchi will likely be sitting for the next game at least, as the NHL will talk to him about his hit on Kyle Quincey.


Devin Setoguchi faces a disciplinary hearing with the Department of Player Safety Jokes tomorrow for his hit on Kyle Quincey in last night's game against the Red Wings. The hit looks innocuous enough at first, but the replays shows Setoguchi get his stick up high and hit Quincey in the mouth.

From TSN's Bob McKenzie:

The standard is pretty clear in the NHL on this type of thing, but that doesn't mean anything when dealing with Brendan Shanahan.

I will admit fully I did not see the game last night, but watching the replay, Setoguchi is in for a game or two for this one. The message has been sent that a player has to control his stick, and Setoguchi did not do that here. It is clear that Setoguchi knew right away that he messed up as he checks on Quincey, and at least that shows it likely was not out of malice.

That won't save him. Expect Setoguchi to be gone at least one game. My bet is two.

What do think, Wilderness?