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Devin Setoguchi fined $8108.11 for Kyle Quincey Hit

Devin Setoguchi was sent a clear message by the Department of Player Safety Jokes.

Marilyn Indahl-US PRESSWIRE

According to Chris Johnston of Rogers Sportsnet, Devin Setoguchi has been fined $8108.11 for his high stick to the face of Kyle Quincey.

The different layers of this are just too good. One, Pierre-Marc Bouchard has a guy lift his stick, resulting in the guy hitting himself in the face, and Butch gets two games. Setoguchi hits a guy in the face in what looks like an intentional move, and he gets fined half a day's salary. Wheel of Justice: Turn, Turn, Turn. The eleven cents is pretty awesome, though.

Maybe we could have a fundraiser. Help him raise the 11 cents. Anyone want in?

Once again, the NHL Department of Player Safety Jokes comes through with an absurd ruling. No consistency of message to the players, or the fans on what is allowed and what isn't, or what will get what punishment. The only good news here is that the Wild will not lose Setoguchi from the lineup.

Your thoughts, Wilderness?