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Wilderness Walk for 2-2-2013

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Zach Parise's thoughts: "Man, I wish I could have scored that goal..."
Zach Parise's thoughts: "Man, I wish I could have scored that goal..."
Jeff Gross

Well, the Wild blew it again. Another sad day here in the Wilderness. The Ducks managed to outscore them 3-1, in a game that was mostly dominated by them. Despite the loss, a few good things that managed to come out of this game were Scandella's first goal of the season, and some good saves from Bäckström (until the Ducks managed to score on him). Let's hope the Wild can get this out of their system so we can get back on the winning path and send the Coyotes howling home when we play them down in the desert on Monday. Now, let's take a Walk:

Wild News

Minnesota Wild at Anaheim Ducks Game Recap - 02/01/2013 - Here's a complete recap of last night's game for those who missed it.

Minnesota Wild: Ryan Suter 'getting better and better,' coach says - - Let's hope this shows in our games soon.

Technology offers extra set of eyes on Wild's bench | - For someone who likes technology (like me), this is awesome.

Scramble mode doesn't go well for Minnesota - - Despite that big win against the Blackhawks on Wednesday, maybe they shouldn't have had a day of rest. Sure, it was some well deserved rest, but that day of practice could have helped us for last night's game.

Tending the Fields

Aeros coach John Torchetti talks team’s new identity, injury woes | Hockey Stop | a blog - Enough with the injury problems!

Stars Squeeze by Houston Aeros 2-1 - - Man.

Laxidasical Meandering

No big news to report here, but for you lacrosse fans, the Swarm play the Colorado Mammoth tonight at 8, in Colorado.

Off the Trail

Seven reasons San Jose Sharks have surged to 7-0 start - - NHL Insider - The Blackhawks were once the team to beat; now it's the Sharks.

NHL must continue its commitment to Phoenix area - For a place like Arizona, I must ask: "Why?!"

Goalies hurt most by lack of preseason games - - Agreed.

Sidney Crosby admits Pittsburgh Penguins' power play should be better than it is - Over the Boards - Same thing could be said about the Wild.

NHL Rumors: Phoenix Coyotes Could Be On Move After Sale Falls Through - Coyotes fans sure have a lot to worry about right now. If this sale goes through, rumors are saying that Seattle could have an NHL team.