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Taylor Hall to Face Disciplinary Hearing for Hit on Cal Clutterbuck

Is the hit from Taylor Hall on Cal Clutterbuck suspension worthy? You decide.

Somehow, Hall avoided flopping here.
Somehow, Hall avoided flopping here.
Derek Leung

For those of you who watched the game last night, this comes as no surprise. For those of us who spent last night in bed trying not to return our dinner, maybe it is. Of course, when Taylor Hall is involved, everyone expects Hockey Wilderness to come unglued and vent all of our rage like teenagers who were told they can't go to the movies until their homework is done.

Meh. The Oilers fanbase trolls itself at this point, so why bother?

Taylor Hall will, however, face a disciplinary hearing today for his knee-on-knee hit on Cal Clutterbuck last night. The reaction on Twitter has been almost universally against Hall, even from the MSM in Edmonton. The fans? Even those who admit it was dirty say Clutterbuck deserved it because of the way he plays the game.

For those keeping score at home, Clutterbuck has been suspended exactly zero times. This will most likely be Hall's second time.

But hey, you decide. Here's the play:

What do you say, Wilderness? Suspension coming? For how long?