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Swarm Vs Rush Game Recap

The Swarm got off to a slow start in the first half, with Edmonton going on an unanswered 6-0 run. Goaltender Evan Kirk was pulled in the first period for Tyler Carlson. The Swarm went 34:06 without scoring a goal, which is the longest since the Washington Stealth went 38:43 back in March of 2010.

The Rush would score 3 more goals before the Swarm scored their first in the third period. They would swarm back and go on a 6 goal run before the Rush scored again. They would then begin trading goals, eventually ending in a 14-9 score for the Rush. Ryan Benesch would be the goal leader for the Swarm with 4 goals.

The Swarm just could not figure out goaltender Aaron Bold in the first half. They were able to find a way through him in the second, but the scoreless first half hurt them. They were able to pull off a decent comeback however.

The other issue is the loss of Andrew Suitor. As he said on the YouTube broadcast, he dislocated his knee and is out for at least a month, pending MRI results. This team has not won without Suitor in the lineup, and they're going to need to figure out a way to do so, especially if he misses more than a month.

Anyway, they came out slow, had trouble solving the goal, but managed to come back to put up respectable numbers in their second home loss this season.