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Minnesota Wild vs Calgary Flames: Game 18

The Minnesota Wild take on the Calgary Flames at home, as they try to get back on track. Again.

Derek Leung

After their visit to Calgary, the Minnesota Wild have a number of questions to answer. Again. Inconsistency is the only consistent thing about this team, as players are hot and cold, goals are scored then dry up, goaltending is strong, then weak. The top line for the Wild has shown they can play, but when they show up, the rest of the team disappears, and when the rest of the team arrives, the top line goes missing.

Losing to the Calgary Flames is not something teams in the NHL are proud of this season. Those not paying attention bill the Flames as a washed up team with no ability to play the game. Those with internet access know that the Flames are just one point behind the Wild for second place in the Northwest, and are as dangerous as ever. As old and over paid as the Flames might be, they are winning at least as many games as everyone else.

Looking up and down the Flames roster, it is a who's who of players fans outside Calgary may not even remember are in the league. Wild fans, by now, should be intimately familiar with the names on the team. Especially since they just beat the Wild in what, by all reports, was not a pretty game for the Wild.

The lines ave been shuffled for the Wild. Again. Mike Yeo has had one on one conversations with players. Again. The power play units have been changed. Again. The only consistency is inconsistency.

As has been said too many times on this site, the key to victory is for the Wild simply to play their own game. If they play the way they are capable of playing, they are unstoppable. If they let the Flames dictate the pace and style of play, the Wild will be cooked very quickly and dinner will be served.

Reading the comment sections recently, it is clear that fans are living and dying with every win or loss. One one hand, this is great to see. Wild fans have not been this passionate about the team in years. On the other, the constant bi-polar nature of that has to grind on the very soul of anyone buying into it. Take a couple deep breaths, know that the team is going to drive you bonkers, and that at the end of the day, inconsistency is consistent. You'll feel better.

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