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Wild vs Flames: A super duper winning wrap up

Wild get 2pts! WOOOOO

Happy birthday Mikael!!!
Happy birthday Mikael!!!

Alright guys. I’m going to be really honest. I spent most of the game drinking and explaining hockey rules. I took one of my college friends to her very first hockey game ever, and the old guy next to me kept asking me what number Parise was. Couple that with the shitty game for the first 2 periods, and I was hella drunk. My friend is now hooked on hockey. Next time we start with learning players names, now that she has the basic rules down

So the Wild won in OT, awesome-sauces.. Calgary walks away with one point, but let’s be honest, it would be sweet if Edmonton ends up last in the conference wouldn’t it.

Alex Tanguay scored in the first for the Flames, and Jason Zucker scored with a little over 5 minutes left in the game to bring it into overtime. Zach Parise scored on the power play in overtime, saving thousands of Wild fans from forming an extremely quiet single file line to jump off the cliff. Niklas Backstrom stopped 20 of 21 shots in the win.

It will be interesting to see what the league has to say to Coyle tomorrow. I didn't see the hit, but watching Coyle as long as I have, he is the furthest thing from a dirty player you could find. It's just not his style.

Five Questions:

  1. If a NHL game is played in St. Paul, and no one in the rest of the league cares, does it still count?

Only if it means Edmonton ends up last

  1. Do the line change-ups make a difference?

I’m a bad person to ask this question to, but I think it did. There are still some changes I’d like to see, but Yeo changed some things on the fly and it worked out alright. Which is better than losing

  1. Is this the beginning of a trend?

Please be. I’d like a winning streak.

  1. Full 60 minutes tonight?

They forgot to show up the 1st period, but as long as the wild walk away with 2pts in the end, I don’t care

  1. Looking for some heart. Who's got it?

Lots of guys looked like they wanted it tonight.