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Wilderness Walk: 02-06-2013

So, wait, wait, wait. I missed all THAT?!?!

Everyone's blogging, and high-fiving, and cornholing except Tony.
Everyone's blogging, and high-fiving, and cornholing except Tony.
Jeff Gross

So, Wilderness. THIS is what happens when I'm gone.

We've got a slight, shake-em-up trade. We got another tough loss, which always leads to stories juicier than the slogans on the back of Victoria's Secret sweatpants. We got hotshot prospect Charlie Coyle called up. We have 2/3rds of the second line demoted to the fourth line. Looks like we could use someone like Tony Wiseau

But, nooooooooooo, let's not get Tony to Walk us through any of these ideas. He might be too busy watching TV or something. So what if I was?! I coulda left Joss Whedon alone for a few minutes to help out in such busy times. I like me some Aaron and Dan, but do they get to handle all the important stuff?

I'm really hurt that we'd do all this while I'm sitting on the sidelines.

But, regardless, I'm back, so let's get back to it. An off-day with no game last night, we get to take a day for some reflection. But we've still got some fun stuff to check out. So let's get digging.

Wild News

The X marks NHL veteran Rupp’s next stop | Russo column on what Rupp brings to the table.

Coyle's solid play in Wild debut earns praise from Yeo | Notebook on Coyle, and the Wild not shooting the puck like they need to. Shoot the puck, gorrammit!

Tom Powers: Minnesota Wild's fourth line 'in' place to be - Anyone do passive-aggressive smarmy like Tom Powers? No mention of chocolates.

Ducks Should Make Inquiry into Devin Setoguchi - Anaheim Calling- Good luck. He has skills, but if he's the poster boy for the Can We For The Love Of God Please Call Someone Who's Not Russian "Enigmatic" Foundation. I don't know whether I want Seto or want him gone. An enigma!

First Round Bust: Game Nine: The Hangover- In case you're still not hungover from Monday's loss in Phoenix, we've got loads of good tidbits from FRB.

Minnesota Wild Come Up Empty Handed On Road Trip- Headline looks like a recap, actually a diagnosis. I get that it's still early, but I'm very discouraged that the same old Wild problems still linger.

Tending the Fields

Marco Scandella lone NHL player from Minnesota Wild's defense-heavy 2008 draft - Hockey's Future- Relive the magic of Eero Elo!

Off the Trail

Some NHL teams are almost at Checkpoint "Oh Crap. We Suck, Don’t We?" | Backhand Shelf | Blogs | In keeping with our "Bleak as Hell" motif today.

NHL Awards Watch: Vanek attacks the Hart; Boudreau, Therrien enter the Adams race | Puck Daddy - Yahoo! Sports- Sure would be nice for a Wild guy to get in on these.

30 Thoughts: Panthers plan to keep Stephen Weiss | Hockey | CBC Sports- Nothing Wild-related, but 30 thoughts is always worth your time.

Hockey Prospectus | From Daigle To Datsyuk: Names To Know, January 2013- Corey Pronman gives you the inside scoop on names you probably don't know. And trust me- I don't know these guys.

Abbreviated A.V. Club

Justin [sic] Zucker Scores in AHL All-Star Game- That Justin Zucker... He's got mad shinny skills...

Marek Vs. Wyshynski Radio: NHL expansion; Ken Campbell of The Hockey News; Going Postal debuts | Puck Daddy - Yahoo! Sports- From last week, but a fun, solid hour centered by Ken Campbell's discussion of the cult of youth hockey in Canada. As someone not around youth hockey in Minnesota, I'd be really interested in the similarities and differences than the scene in Canada. I'm guessing High Schools vs. Juniors makes a big difference?

Backhand Shelf Podcast: Referring to your favourite team as "we," Luongo, Spezza, Toews praise and more | Backhand Shelf | Blogs | Another podcast from last week, but in addition to some "Wild need to shoot the gorram puck" talk, we get to hear some really good, smart discussion about Josh Harding, and the utter shame it is that his medical condition is going to be what defines him, and what the media will talk about in a loss.

I'll be back Walking us through a Game Day tomorrow. In the meantime, enjoy the Walk!